The Ten Commandments of Programming

Thou shalt use braces. Thou shalt use source control. Thou shalt not optimize prematurely. Thou shalt honor thy language’s conventions. Thou shalt use the right tool for the job. Thou shalt include necessary context when seeking assistance. Thou shalt write automated tests. Thou shalt not compare floating-point numbers using == . Thou shalt write readable code. Thou […]

Developing User Interfaces

It used to be that software was written strictly for desktop computers.  And although people had different monitors and video cards that provided some variety of resolutions, there weren’t that many different resolutions.  Moreover, there was even less variety in aspect ratios. In the world of desktops, it hasn’t really changed that much.  The variety […]


In today’s day and age of software development, there’s no excuse for not putting your source code under some form of source control. Source control (also known as “revision” or “version” control) is primarily used to make developing software in a team less of a nightmare.  And when you’re working with a team, the source control repository […]

Writing Readable Code

With some regularity, I will see programmers reference this Stack Overflow answer as their defense for having no comments in their code. Comments should be very rare and valuable, almost always expressing the “why” and never the “how” (the exception being when the how is complex and not easily discernible from the code). Every comment […]