So, what’s this blog all about?

This blog is all about programming.  I intended to cover a wide variety of topics, all related to programming in one way or another.

At my day job, I write iOS apps in Swift and Objective-C, as well as desktop .NET applications.  These all have a MS SQL Server backend.  These are the technologies I am most familiar and most comfortable with, but I intend to make most of posts language-agnostic.  And just because a post is about a specific language, it isn’t necessarily going to from this list.

I may post some very in-depth, technical posts about very specific aspects of very specific technologies, but my goal is to target a more intermediate or beginner level of programming, scripting, and general software development.  But hopefully, the topics will be interesting for more advanced developers as well.

I’m regularly active on Stack Overflow and Code Review.  I consider both of these websites excellent resources as well as a great place to improve my own abilities as a programmer.  If you’re familiar with my posts at either site, you can expect more of the same here.

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